HTTP Proxy set to Auto is not saved properly

Problems with proxy configuration on iOS7

We've received numerous reports about a configuration problems affecting iOS7 users. There seems to be a problem with saving the value of the HTTP Proxy setting. To use Weblock you have to set this value for your Wi-Fi connection to "Auto" and paste the configuration link into the URL field. Some of our users reported they are not able to properly save the URL value. After pasting the value into the URL field, going back into the Wi-Fi network list and again into the advanced settings, the value is missing.

We've reported the problem via Apple bug tracking system and are working with Apple to resolve this issue in one of the upcoming iOS updates.

In the meantime, the solution to this problem is to reset your network settings (by selecting Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings). Please keep in mind that reseting network settings will remove all your saved Wi-Fi passwords and you'll have to reconnect to every network.

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