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Share Weblock links to exchange your custom rules

Weblock links

Weblock app is getting a new feature: you can share your custom rules from Blacklist, Whitelist and Redirect sections through links. This component will be introduced in 4.1 version of the app and will be developed further. For now ...

Configure PAC in OpenVPN .ovpn profile

Weblock and OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN ConnectBig thanks to Thomas Rientjes, who sent us his solution for using Weblock along with OpenVPN connection. If your using the OpenVPN connect app and you can change your OpenVPN settings in the .ovpn connection profile, you can add the ...

HTTP Proxy set to Auto is not saved properly

Problems with proxy configuration on iOS7

We've received numerous reports about a configuration problems affecting iOS7 users. There seems to be a problem with saving the value of the HTTP Proxy setting. To use Weblock you have to set this value for your Wi-Fi connection ...

See what's under the hood, including HTTPS connections.

Sniff iOS HTTP and HTTPS traffic with Weblock and Charles Proxy

Since some of our more advanced users asked us for ways to sniff traffic sent from the iOS device, here's an idea on how to do it. We'll be using Weblock on our iOS device and Charles Proxy ...

and why Weblock won't filter ads with Puffin

Issue with Puffin Browser

We've recently received a message from our user, who wished to get rid of ads on his iOS device. Weblock ad blocking worked fine in different apps, including browsers like Safari or Chrome. It appeared that the problem was ...

Block banner ads in Yahoo!

Weblock - AdBlock for iPhone vs. Yahoo! app

PandoraTo block ads in Yahoo! app, use this custom rule in Weblock app:

URL regular expression: *.yahoo.com/*yql*adtype=*

Using this rule will have the following effect on the app:
rule disabled vs. rule enabled

Playing with custom filters

Block ads in Pandora Radio app

Yahoo!Blocking ads in Pandora Radio app turns out to be as simple as setting up these custom rules in Weblock:

URL regular expression: *.pandora.com/*/ads/*
URL regular expression: *.pandora.com/*getadmetadata*
URL regular expression: *.pandora.com/*registerad*

Since we ...

So... what's the weather like?

Remove ads from AccuWeather app

AccuWeatherOne of our users mentioned, that Weblocks built in ad-blocking rules failed to block some ads in free AccuWeather app. After receiving thus report, we've looked into it and it turns out that AccuWeather ads can be blocked by ...

The ping gets high...

Latency issues

We're looking into the latency issues, that some of you reported. It's quite possible, that the problem is due to the location of our main server (the one that serves the PAC configuration file). It's located in ...

How to let people know about Weblock?

We gave away 50 promo codes on reddit

Yesterday we've posted 50 free codes to reddit users. The whole thing turned out to be a success. We were out of codes in less than 30 minutes and we're still getting requests from that thread! It turns ...