and why Weblock won't filter ads with Puffin

Issue with Puffin Browser

We've recently received a message from our user, who wished to get rid of ads on his iOS device. Weblock ad blocking worked fine in different apps, including browsers like Safari or Chrome. It appeared that the problem was present only in Puffin browser app. Our dev team looked into how Puffin works and we've found out, that all websites loaded in Puffin, are in fact transferred through their servers. This is probably related to the fact, that they do attempt to display flash, which requires processing on their server side. In this case there's not much we can do about the ads, since they are not downloaded directly by our device, but Puffin server does it for us. So we could either cut out all traffic from Puffin server, or simply allow it (letting the ads through). The conclusion is: Weblock filters unfortunately won't work with Puffin browser. Sorry to bring this bad news to you :(

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