AdBlock for iOS


The ultimate AdBlock solution for iOS is finally here!

Block ads... and whatever you want.

On any iOS device, in any browser or app.

Weblock app allows you to block various types of online content while you are connected to Wi-Fi

Use predefined filters or create your own rules to blacklist/whitelist any URL, domain, IP or network

Block web and mobile advertising (incuding in-app and video ads) in any browser or app

Synchronise configuration between your devices via iCloud

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“Ads are the only thing that bother me on my device. I have purchased several third party browsers that block ads, but safari can't be touched in terms of speed. This app uses an extremely clever way of blocking ads using the proxy feature native in iOS 6. It creates a proxy configuration which routes requests for ads to a server that doesn't exist. The result: most ads cease to appear when using any application.”

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